Passenger Elevators

Passenger Elevators are designed with the upper and the lower machine room for an installation in the dwelling houses, hotels, administrative and residential buildings, banks and offices. Our passenger lifts can even be designed for buildings where space is an issue. Our passenger lifts are beautifully and luxuriously designed as per your expectations and can be easily integrated into the design of your building.

Hospital Elevators

In healthcare facilities elevators need to move patients and staff smoothly and safely. We offer premium Hospital Elevator, which are designed and built to match international standards set for hospital elevators in terms of space, smoothness, speed and emergency control mechanisms. The main function of a hospital elevator is to carry the patients and other passengers along with heavy and complex instruments that are difficult to carry manually.

Home Elevators

With the growing needs of our clients, our company has always brought one of the most exclusive quality elevators in the market and so this time we have come with one of the most elegant and efficient quality residential elevators. Home elevators are small lifts for homes that can be easily installed in a private apartment or in huge bungalows and ease the movement of passengers and small and big items in the house from one floor to another.

Freight Elevators

Dan Elevators has a significant experience in manufacturing, installing and maintaining a wide range of freight elevators. The design team at DAN makes durability a priority and ensure each system is built for seamless operation. These could be used by Passengers for travelling as well. They can travel safely and comfortably in our freight elevators. Carrying Capacity of our freight –cum- passenger elevators ranges from 500-6000 kgs.

Dumb Waiter

Dumbwaiter elevators are small sized elevators or lift that can be used to carry small items in various places. Dumbwaiter lifts are most commonly used in restaurants, hotels, libraries, hospitals, factory etc. to carry small and lightweight items that are usually heavy for a person to carry and move from one place to another or one floor to another. Dumb-Waiters are generally driven by a small electric motor with a counterweight and their capacity is limited to about 250 kg.