About Us

Dan Elevators was founded as an organization dedicated to providing full spectrum solutions in the elevator industry by rendering Design/Fabrication/Installation & Commissioning/Certification/ Maintenance of elevators / escalators for a variety of Industry verticals.



We aspire to be the leading expert on vertical transportation solutions; including technology, service and environmental sustainability. Providing the world class standards and state of the art designed elevators to the clients.



Our Mission is to strive toward our Vision and strategic goals through a focus on meeting our customers’ needs, bringing the highest quality products and services to the market, providing a clear and definable differentiation.



  • Relentlessly improving and continuously raising the bar in everything we do.
  • Reasoning,
  • Knowledge,
  • Experience Sharing for the good of the organization.

Our common values we have, will continue to help reach  our milestones in the future.